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​​​​​​​​​Step into the world of MichaelDreams.com and take a journey back and forth through time into the heart, mind, and soul of an extraordinary man whose love of people, music and performing has led him into some of the world's most incredible experiences! Let's go back, or is it forward to...


​Whether as Michael J. O'Hara as (John the Revelator) in his Gospel/Rock/Opera- "Isle of Dreams" or The Sheik, or Michael O'Hara/The Torch Singer or one of his many characters...he is sharing his gifts with the world to bring love, laughter, music, and joy!


​​​​​Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik/The Torch Singer  ​or one of his many Characters works and lives in New Orleans and performs his music and special shows either solo or with some of New Orleans most notable musicians backing him up!  You can learn more about his schedule at... Michael J. O'Hara on Facebook!


​My New CD- "It's My Turn" available at  http://www.rabadash.com/#buy-the-sheik http:

​After Four Grammy Nominations, two American Music Awards Nominations, two BMI Awards, over sixty recorded songs by some of the world's most notable artist and in movies; over five hundred performances in churches, nursing facilities, prisons, and large and small stages around the world, and has published two of his novels called Church! and "The Little Minister pt. 1 onAmazon.com and Barnes & Nobles.com...Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik has seen and done it all! But as he says- "I'm just getting started..."  So, step into his dream and let the world say-Amen!

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The Characters...

Sweet Daddy C.                     Edna Mae                          Rebekah                          Big Bertha                 Grandma Pearle