"Hide all sharp objects...and would somebody please lock up the fryin pan, and the boilin pot???"

 (Michael J. O'Hara)

"What ever made me think I could raise daughters, Lawd???"  (Grandma Pearle)

"Wow ladies...dat was a low blow!!! Why yah'll gotta be hatin' on my baby sister? She can't help it iffin da good Lawd done made her fine like Sweet Daddy C. It runszzz in da family! "

(Sweet Daddy C.)

"Here we go..." (Michael J. O'Hara)

Before we start...Can we bow our heads in prayer people??? Father God...we come!

It all started with Big Grandma Pearle Johnson...

Oh, there's more people...trust me...much more! Watch for the forthcoming books- "Spirits," and "Spirits 2!"

Michael J. O'Hara

Oh no...trouble!!! (Edna Mae)

​Michael J. O'Hara has created an entire family of riotous characters to tickle your funny bone! In the rich tradition of notable legendary actor/comedians such as (Flip Wilson's) "Geraldine, (Eddie Murphy's) "The Klumps, (Martin Lawrence's) "Shenanae," and of course the always hilarious (Tyler Perry's) "Madea," (O'Hara)  has written 2-books about his fictional American characters known as The Thompson/Jones Family called- "Spirits," and "Spirits 2!" Meet them all right now...and pray for 'em folks...they need it! Lol Michael J. O'Hara

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Now they have a beautiful but repressed daughter named-Rebekah....

Now pay attention people...

"Shut up, you ole fool before your brains run outta you head!" (Edna Mae)

"As the wigs turn..." (Michael J. O'Hara)

Hello fellas...I'm LaCretia Jones...

what's yours, you handsome devils!

"The feeling' mutual, you hag from hell!!!"

(Big Bertha)

Now Edna Mae is married to Sweet Daddy C. Jones...

And she has a daughter namedEdna Mae...

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Mama...Daddy...Hey Auntie Bertha...stop fighting, please? Why can't yah'll get along? And why can't I date a man... after all I'm 34 years old... Ooooo I didn't mean to tell that!" 


"That's right big sis...that LaCretia is a tramp, then again, I can't stand you either sometimes, truth be told!" (Edna Mae)

Mommie won't let me have a boyfriend, and I'm almost 39! Oooo, I wasn't supposed to tell you that

But hang on... Sweet Daddy C. has a baby sister...the vivacious, Lacretia Jones!!! 

"For once I agree wit yah sis...Shut up yah heathen before I stuff that liquor bottle down yo sorry gullet, and save da understakers time and money using formaldehide !!! (Big Bertha)

​Ahhh...da whole family together at last!!!

"I think that would hurt son-in-law...You may wanna reconsider yo position wit my girls cause they done hooked you up before...or at least the position of your lips which might not be in the center of yo face when they get threw wit you...just sayin?" (Grandam Pearle)

​Hello ladies...this Sweet Daddy C.!

"I love my granddaughter Lawd, but will Edna Mae ever allow her to have a man???" (Grandma Pearle)

Enter Edna Mae's older sister...Big Bertha Thompson! She can't stand her sister-in-law LaCretia, or her brother-in-law Sweet Daddy C. "He's a no account buzzard bait low-life, and she might be one high heel away from being a tramp!"  (Big Bertha Thompson)