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​Having a great time...

Applause, Applause...!

The Sheik says...

​Feast your eyes and ears on the music of Michael O'Hara/The Sheik!

​How's this MaDonna for striking a pose!

Don't get me started...

When you're a star, everything you do is magic...???

​They let me out again...

            "99 1/2 Won't Do"

From "The Sheik Is Back" CD

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Continue the journey into the new dreams of

Michael O'Hara/The Sheik!

​After agonizing years of drug addiction and weight gain, Michael O'Hara/The Sheik has been clean and sober for years, reborn, resurrected, and hotter than ever!

​I say...Reach...for the stars!

​The Sheik!

​Memories...to last a lifetime

​I love to perform as The Sheik!

​Undressing for the peoples!!!

Civic Auditorium/singing David Bowie's- "Fame"

Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik moved back to his beloved New Orleans to  resurrect his Sheik persona and music which has led to performing his music with some of the areas finest musicians backing him up! Since then, The Sheik has been performing to different audiences in and around New Orleans to rave reviews! Catch him in action everywhere, and feel the heat of Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik with Resurrection!

And we take a bow...!

Videos below...

Please allow me to pay the sincerest tribute to Karen Kolkmeyer; one of my dearest friends from the beginning, who co-wrote with me some of the most recognizable and memorable songs I ever wrote for The Sheiks, and that the fans demand I perform even now with my new band- Resurrection! Here are some of your favorites- "55 Highway", "714", "Pay to Play", "Running Wild in the Streets", "I know a Place", "City of Madness", "Futura". "Crusing on the Clouds"; to name a few! Much love, respect, and gratitude to dear Ms. K... Your Michael

99 1/2 Won't Do...

Fending off females...

With a flick of the scarfs...

Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik is honored, proud and blessed to have played with such distinguished musicians asGlen LeBlanc, Carlos Barrientos and Seth Legendre! Now here are a few examples of his work... Come dream along with... Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik!

​The Sheik in action!