​I shouldn't be surprised...

​Love me some grand piano...


​Mrs. Jeri Lynn O'Hara Lewis

​Grandmother O'Hara's Family...Meet A few of The Mills (all deceased)

Anyone for panning for gold...???

        Prof. Leon P. O'Hara 1st               Mrs. Annie Mae Mills O'Hara        Ms. Minna Elizabeth O'Hara    Major Dr. Rev.

            (Grandfather)                                          (Grandmother)                                          (Aunt)                            Leon P. O'Hara (Father)

​Mrs. Faith Ann O'Hara Thomas 

Austin's Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana...

Mrs. Scarlett O'Hara Matlock


​Thought I was looking good...

Then the children started coming and coming...

Just keeping my eyes on the mark...

Rev. Mark Angelo O'Hara


​In the beginning....


From him to him...?

        "Memories As We Go"

From "Falling In Love Again" CD

Michael J. O'Hara Merchandise

Dad's side of the family...Meet a few of the first O'Hara's

             (Unfortunately...they are all deceased)

​I don't care what yah'll say...I loved my Sear sucker suit!!!

​Dr. Miriam O'Hara Harden

Random pictures of my incredible and loving family... For all who are deceased...I love and miss you so much while thanking God that I am of your blood, and forever a part of you and you a part of me...Michael

Michael J. O'Hara  started playing and singing alone at the age of six...and he still does occasionally singing with nothing but him and a grand piano...well, when he can find one...

​Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik

Wow... Memories....

My dad...Major Dr. Rev. Leon P. O'Hara II.

Mr. M. Mills                             Mrs. A. M. Mills              Great Grandmother Mills           Ms. Helen Mills

​(Great Grandfather)       (Great Grandmother)        and my Grandmother                 (Great Aunt)

​their honeymoon in Niagra Falls.

My history in pictures...no one ever truly comes or leaves this earth solo...

                          Rev. Herman Gore Sr.           Mrs. Reon Hamilton Gore       Mrs. Reon Hamilton        Mrs. Delores Moseley-(Deceased)

            Grandfather/(Deceased)     Grandmother/(Deceased)  Great Grandmother/(Deceased) Rev. Herman Gore Jr. (Deceased) & Mama!

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Rev. Leon P. O'Hara III             (Deceased).

​Freshly married and on

I come from a huge family... Meet a few of The Gore's...Mamas side of the family...

My gorgeous mother Geraldine Gore O'Hara