Here are dramatic pictures of my Branson stage production of Isle of Dreams which ran for 2 and a half years successfully. It was written by myself and Robert White Johnson of Nashville. Isle of Dreams is a rock gospel opera about the life and times of John the Revelator, and has thrilled audiences from New York to St. Louis and beyond! 

​Mother Mary


  • Why Am I Here3:04

​John the Revelator

Michael J. O'Hara is also known in religious circles as Rev. Michael J. O'Hara; having pastored and ministered and performed in well over 200 churches in his time. He has published his first two books entitled- CHURCH! andThe Little Minister pt. 1 available on and Barnes & He has also ministered in more than 89 medical facilities monthly in Texas for nine years while pastoring in one of them! He has ministered in prisons in Missouri and Illinois for more than 5 years! He co-wrote/co-produced a biblically based Gospel/Rock/Opera called- "Isle of Dreams" based on The Book of Revelatio with Nashville's own legendary writer/producer- Robert White Johnson which eventually ran for almost 3 years on the Branson stages where countless hundreds of visitors from around the nation were blessed!  

Currently, (Rev. O'Hara) having moved back to New Orleans, has begun ministering in some of the medical facilities around the area while ministering at St. James COGIC on the Sundays when he's not performing elsewhere!           (View pictures of Isle of Dreams below!)

John the Revelator

Jesus and John

Rev. Michael J. O'Hara has written and published two books with SBPRA Publishing Co. entitled Church! and The Little Minister pt. 1... which are available on and Barnes &! These wonderful books chronicle the continuing saga of a great Black American church going family  set in Atlanta Georgia in the early 60's who learn to endure all of life's most challenging circumstances to find love and redemption! Both books are available for purchase on and Barnes &!

Rev. Michael J. O'Hara

Ensemble cast including,Jesus raising Lazarus from the grave!

Elizabeth, Martha, and Mother Mary

​​John breaking the chains of his bondage from the Isle of Patmos

​Iconic...Jesus and John as he lays his head on the shoulders of Jesus for comfort!

Satan and The Harlot of Babylon!

Let these images proclaim the power, the majesty; the ultimate sacrifice to follow and obey The Chosen One even unto death, and live to tell the tale!

Isle of Dreams will literally have you crying and  dancing in the aisles, and on the edge of your seat as this ancient true story unfolds before your eyes with music which covers a wide variety of musical styles from gospel, rock, and even disco beats!

All in all: Isle of Dreams is the theatrical event of the millennium! Now let's go back , or is it forward to the Isle of Dreams... 

Martha and Mother Mary

Isle of Dreams/a taste of O'Hara's gospel, rock opera available on CD!

The Messiah in all His glory with ensemble cast, including Mary Magdelene; the forgiven one!

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Isle of Dreams! and purchase your copies of Church!and The Little Minister pt. 1 on and Barnes &