Michael O'Hara
Songwriter, Producer, Performer

Rev. Michael O'Hara/Isle of Dreams
Music and Video The music of Michael O'Hara is both soul stirring, and of the highest spiritual quality! He captivates his audience whether writing and singing his own songs, or vocally recapturing the essence of standards from the past! You will enjoy being taken to different places in your heart and mind everytime you experience the artistry of Michae O'Hara!
The music that weaves the tale throughout "Isle of Dreams" is powerful and moving and tells the story of loss, despair, redemption, hope and unending love that is experienced by every man, woman and child around the globe throughout their lives. The message of each song finds its roots in the Scriptures and is presented through the use of ancient and contemporary melodies that are bound to influence you for the rest of your life.

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