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      "Good Boys Gone Bad"

From "The Sheik Is Back" CD

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When You've been given as many gifts and dreams from God as I have...all you want to do is share them with the world while inviting everyone into the realms of your wonderful journey!

You may ask yourself..."How can one man be all and do all these things?" Push on each picture to see the many moods, shades, and personalities from the piano player, music writer, record producer, performer, book author, actor, comedian, and minister that make up the man called...Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik!

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Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik/The Torch Singer/ Rev. O'Hara  has many faces, characters, passions, and different personalities he can step into on a moment's notice! Enjoy stepping into the world of his dreams and explore the multi-faceted dimensions of his personality...