The Sheik, Chappie, Archie, and Pilot feelin' it...

Look at Carlos and Glen gettin' down!

                                           The Sheik &Resurrectionis...

                      Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik, Carlos Barrientos/Guitar,

                      Glen Leblanc/Bass, and Seth Legendre/Drums!


Seth"Pilot" Legendre               Drums.

​The Sheik in action!


​Seth/aka "Pilot" Legendre...

When you're a star, everything you do is magic...???

​Glen Leblanc/aka "Archie", bassist

With a flick of the scarfs...





​Reach...for the stars!

Civic Auditorium/singing David Bowie's- "Fame"

​They let us out again...

Seth Legendre /aka "Pilot", Drums

  • 99 and a Half Wont Do0:54

​The Sheik w Resurrection!

​I love to perform as The Sheik!

Strike a pose son...

​"Chappie" groovin with the band...

Continue the journey into the new dream of

           The Sheik  w Resurrection!

            "99 1/2 Won't Do"

From "The Sheik Is Back" CD

​Michael J. O'Hara Merchandise

Carlos Barrientos/Lead Guitar...began his formal music training at the National Conservatory in Guatemala City, Guatemala C.A. training with Maestro Elias Barreiro, Director of Guitar Studies at Tulane University, and was supplemented with Master Classes with Manuel Barrueco, Leo Brouwer, Juan Mercadal, Michael Newman, Tommy Tedesco and Carlos Barbosa-Lima. He studied composition under the tutelage of Dr. Jerry Sieg, University of New Orleans, and Dr. Roy Johnson, Florida State University. The New York Premiere of the First Movement of his Second Guitar Sonata was dedicated to and performed by Classical Guitarist Maestro Carlos Barbosa- Lima in 2003 at Carnegie Hall. At the request of U.S. Senator Bob Graham one of his compositions, Si Tu Te Vas (If You Go Away), was included on a recording to promote Turner. He has been a guest performer with the Albany State University Jazz Ensemble at The Fletcher Henderson Jr., Macon and Atlanta Jazz Festivals, and played the in the Albany State University /Albany Symphony's co-production of George Gershwin's Opera Porgy and Bess. He was  former Guitar Professor at Xavier University of Louisiana. Since 1984, is a musical organization led by Carlos Barrientos: Carlos & Friends - Those Masters of Rockin' Bloozy Groovedom, which has performed throughout Northwest Florida and Southwest Georgia at concerts, corporate parties, weddings and clubs bringing audiences an eclectic musical experience that embraces many musics including Rock, Funk, Jazz, Blues, Country, Latino, Original Music and their hybrids till he rekindled his friendship with Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik where he was asked to be a part of 


Michael J. O'Hara is honored, proud and blessed to be playing with such distinguished musicians asGlen LeBlanc, Carlos Barrientos and Seth Legendre! Now here are a few examples of their work! When he formedResurrection,he stepped into a new dream... Come dream along with...

Michael J. O'Hara/The SheikResurrection!

Carlos Barrientos/aka "Chappie" lead guitar

"Chappie" & The Sheik!

"Archie" throwing down...

"Archie" and The Sheik!

Glen Leblanc/aka "Archie" on bass... 

​And we take a bow...!

Applause, Applause...!

​Undressing for the peoples!!!

Po Chappie...The demands I make on him musically,Shame on me!

Videos below...

Please allow me to pay the sincerest tribute to Karen Kolkmeyer; one of my dearest friends from the beginning, who co-wrote with me some of the most recognizable and memorable songs I ever wrote for The Sheiks, and that the fans demand I perform even now with my new band- Resurrection! Here are some of your favorites- "55 Highway", "714", "Pay to Play", "Running Wild in the Streets", "I know a Place", "City of Madness", "Futura". "Crusing on the Clouds"; to name a few! Much love, respect, and gratitude to dear Ms. K... Your Michael

​Feast your eyes and ears on The Sheik w Resurrection!

I started out playing in a band as a singer...thank goodness my mom bought a bass for me!!!! I began playing bass in 1973, (at age 13). My first bass was a Sekova copy of a McCartney Hofner. I grew up in the mid-70's playing Led Zeppelin, The Who, Grand Funk, Deep Purple, Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, Robin Trower, Alice Cooper, Rush, (and more), with a band called "Phoenyx". I got my first real bass, a brand new 1975 Fender Precision while in high school. Around that time, a good friend turned me on to Tower of Power, Average White Band, Parliament, The Meters, Earth, Wind and Fire and other funk bands. I was learning to play saxophone in the school band when I was first introduced to jazz and started listening to Weather Report, Crusaders, Jeff Lorber and others. I studied music theory and composition at University of Southwestern Louisiana (now University of Louisiana, Lafayette) in the late '70's and played in a few New Orleans rock bands throughout the '80's and into the early '90's, including "The Crave", "Strait Face", "Lockwood" and "No Rulz". In the mid-'90's, I joined a blues-rock band called "Red Hot & Blues" and began summer tours of Norway in 1998, performing for six consecutive summer tours (with singer Janet Lynn from '01-'03). I returned to Norway to perform at "Sildajazz" (a music festival in Haugesund) with blues legend Luther Kent for three summers ('07,'08,'09).  In the spring of 2011, we formed the Baton Rouge based band, "MJ and the Redeemers". We became one of the most popular bands in Baton Rouge within a couple of years. During that time, I also played several gigs with guitarist L.A. Gregg Wright, including the 2016 Baton Rouge Blues Festival. In May, 2016. I became the bassist for Michael J. O'Hara, "The Sheik" with his new band, Resurrection. I am very excited to be a part of this project to resurrect the spirit in Michael's Sheik Music". 

Below...our very first performance as The Sheik! Resurrection

at historic...Louisiana Music Factory where a good time was had by all...

Don't get me started...

​Carlos Barrientos/aka "Chappie", Guitar

99 1/2 Won't Do...

​Glen "Archie" Leblanc                       Bass

Born and raised in New Orleans, it seems at a very early age, Seth had drum sticks in his hands, or something comparable with which to beat on things, and must have driven his parents crazy at times! Rhythm was simply born into his heart, and as noisy an instrument as drums are, they encouraged him by buying his first drum set! All through his formative years he played drums; all through school, and in many bands, churches, family get together', and such! Anywhere there was knowledge to be had, experiences, and listening to famous and obscure great drummers, you can bet Seth was listening, watching, and absorbing everything he saw and heard. He studied at University of New Orleans, went to Word of Faith Academy of New Orleans, even worked at AT&T! But playing live was and still is his passion, and mainstay means to make a living. He has played all around the New Orleans area for many years in different well known bands such as- Pick 6 Band in all it's different configurations, and sub'd for multiple acts on Bourbon street for years. All in all, this gentle giant of a drummer is very humble for someone who has done all the things he's accomplished in a comparatively short life! When Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik needed a new drummer for his band- Resurrection, he put out a general casting call for suitable applicants to audition for him. Seth was highly recommended by New Orleans own- Charlie Cuccio, and auditioned. O'Hara instantly recognized the high energey in-your-face Rock & Roll style he needed, but  fate played another hand in choosing another drummer. However, he promised Seth that if things didn't work out, he'd be calling again, and this time it would be to hire him. True to his word, O'Hara made that call to Seth, and he agreed to join Resurrection! The rest, as they say, is history!

The Sheik says...

​The Sheik!

​Having a great time...

​Even guitarist, lead singers, and bassist and drummers deserves time off...

Carlos "Chappie" Barrientos

           Lead Guitar

Fending off females...

Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik moved back to his beloved New Orleans to  resurrect his Sheik persona and music which has led to forming his new band- Resurrection!

He was invited for coffee by his longtime friend- Carlos Barrientos/aka "Chappie", but startled him when he asked if he wanted to join his new band! Carlos accepted immediately!

Another friend gave O'Hara a lead on a well respected bassist- Glen Leblanc/aka "Archie" who came to a rehearsal and joined immediately! All that was needed was an incredible drummer, enter Seth Legendre/ aka "Pilot" completing the fabulous foursome! Since then, the band has been playing to different audiences in and around New Orleans to raves! Catch them in action everywhere, and feel the heat of Michael J. O'Hara/The Sheik with Resurrection!